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AER Youth Regional Network - Networking, influencing policy and exchanging experiences in decision-making at regional and European level.

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Meet, network, influence!

The AER Youth Regional Network (YRN) is an open network and forum within the Assembly of European Regions. The mission of YRN is to influence and improve local, regional and European policy and exchange experiences and good practices.

Check us out!

If this is you:

Between 15 and 30 years old
Member of youth parliament/council/organisation in your region
Keen on meeting people from all over Europe
Want to have your say on issues affecting youth in your region
Willing to make European politicians aware of youth problems faced by peers in your region

Then you should join our network!

We are deeply convinced that the principle of subsidiarity should be applied to all decision-making processes, thus, all political decisions affecting youth should be taken as closely as possible to young citizens.

By our initiatives and actions we want to make sure that young people’s voice is heard by policy makers. YRN helps you to make your voice heard all over Europe!

Need to know more before you join us?

Contact us!

Contact us!
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